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The Hammer MMA Radio

The Hammer MMA Radio.   Broadcasting live from CFMU 93.3 FM in Hamilton, Ontario. Steve Jeffery, David Abraham, and Greg Persson preview and review MMA events from UFC and Bellator, as well as discuss all of the latest news and rumours in Mixed Martial Arts. 


Are Too Many UFC Fights Going To Decision?

Nov 23, 2010

In our upcoming Episode 16, we'll be discussing the complaints that too many UFC fights are going to decision.   We did some research, and you can download our statistics in an Excel document.


Our discussion will include:

1) What percentage of UFC fights have gone to decision in 2010.

2) What percentage of UFC fights in years past have gone to decision.

3) How often are Greg Jackson's fighters actually going to decision.

4) What, if anything, could be changed in the UFC rule set to make for more exciting fights.

Feel free to email us if you have any comments on the subject that we can use on the show.