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The Hammer MMA Radio

The Hammer MMA Radio.   Broadcasting live from CFMU 93.3 FM in Hamilton, Ontario. Steve Jeffery, David Abraham, and Greg Persson preview and review MMA events from UFC and Bellator, as well as discuss all of the latest news and rumours in Mixed Martial Arts. 


Jul 14, 2011

With no major cards this week, this is probably our most random show yet.  Some of the topics we discuss include the return of Chael Sonnen, drug testing in the big leagues, if UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo should try other weight classes, Carlos Condit vs. BJ Penn, Bellator in Ontario, Dream in Japan, and who Rashad Evans will be fighting now that Phil Davis is injured.

Then stick around to the end of our show for our interview with former UFC middleweight Joe Doerksen. 

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