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The Hammer MMA Radio

The Hammer MMA Radio.   Broadcasting live from CFMU 93.3 FM in Hamilton, Ontario. Steve Jeffery, David Abraham, and Greg Persson preview and review MMA events from UFC and Bellator, as well as discuss all of the latest news and rumours in Mixed Martial Arts. 


Apr 27, 2011

UFC 129 is in Toronto this weekend, and we'll be there. The first major MMA show in Ontario has GSP vs. Jake Shields for the Welterweight title, the first ever UFC Featherweight title fight, Randy Couture's likely retirement match, and a pretty stacked card overall. We run the whole thing down from top to bottom.

We also sneak in some news, including Jon "Bones" Jone's injury, The Ultimate Fighter, and some interesting fights that were signed this week.

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